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Entry 7

            Remember the entry I made in April about my goals? To be honest, I didn’t even finish half of them. I didn’t get my blog views, it stayed the same because I never released my website. Read 2 books instead of 4. I probably only put effort to get my podcast out there for 5 days out of the month. To end it, I never finished my e-book. Instead I did nothing. I wasn’t motivated at all. I slept in, stayed up late, and didn’t put out content. My excuse to myself was, “You’ll do it tomorrow”. It just kind of snowballed. However, I think it’s only right that I document and keep the transparency.

            I know I am writing this as if I’m living the life I want already but, I think deep down I’m scared that this might all work. I have an audience that supports me by reading and listening to the content I put out. At the same time, the self-doubt kicks in. My motivation just comes and goes. I still compare myself to those who are more successful than myself. One thing I struggle with is being committed. The last time I tried starting something was with a platform called Shopify. I had a website that sold dog products. Ultimately, it ended up not working out. I gave up and called it quits cause it was something I didn’t enjoy doing. The reason was because I was only doing it for the potential success of “millions of financial wealth” that people were achieving.

So how do you keep going?

            So don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. Just realize that the time you decide not to accomplish your goals , will just take you that much longer to get to where you want to be. I am okay with that, those were my choices. I’m still learning about myself. It’s simple as that. Just because I decided to not focus on my work, doesn’t mean this is game over. It doesn’t symbolize that I am not going to be successful. This is a test of my endurance and I need to keep going.

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