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Entry 6

Ticket reselling has been around for quite a while. I had no idea this was a thing people did to supplement their income. It sounded simple so I decided to give it a try. For the short experience I had before COVID-19 took over, I will say this is something ANYONE can do during their free time. It does require an initial investment to start. They recommend at least $200-$300 on top of their monthly fee. Today I will be going through the process from the time I joined, to my first ticket resell.

What is it?

Its simply the action of buying concert tickets at the lowest price possible, then flipping them for a profit. After watching some YouTube videos, EDC and Coachella seem to be the most popular and easiest to get flipped. You want to try and get these tickets during pre-sell in order to get the lowest ticket price. Buy low, then sell high. It’s the same concept as selling shoes, or flipping sports cards. The 4 main platforms that will be used are: Discord, Ticket Master, Vivid Seats, and Stub Hub. They are all available through the app store for Iphone users.

How does it work?

I found @ticket_resell_101 on Instagram and messaged them after scrolling through their feed. They charge $75/month for their service. After giving payment information, you will be emailed a link to join their Discord channel. This is how the account keeps in contact with its members. You will then be told to download and read their PDF handbook as well as their introductory recording. This outlines the process. You will then want to sign up and make an account for Ticket Master, Vivid Seats, and Stub Hub.

In their Discord channel, it lists events that the team think will have success in getting your tickets sold. They also have a tab that links you to sign up to become a “Verified Fan” for the artist or event. This will allow you to have the chance in receiving a presale code, which will give you access to buy tickets during presale. It is very important to keep track of these two.

For each event the team will list the venue, event date/time, price range, presale code, and the recommended sections. You typically do not want to skew away from the recommended section. This is your best chance at getting these tickets flipped. The team will remind its members when it’s 30 min prior to the presale. From my experience, most of the presales occur on Ticket Master. Always buy in pairs! Also, make sure to always buy electronic tickets and not actual tickets. You will have to transfer the tickets once someone has purchased your listing.

What to do after buying your tickets.

So you bought your first pair of tickets. Now what? You will then list your tickets onto the other 2 ticket selling apps. You will be able to see what other people are selling their tickets for. The amount that you price your tickets are solely your decision. Now you sit and wait. I recommend if you have extra money, rinse and repeat with another event. Payouts will only happen after the event has taken place. This ensures that the customer received the tickets. If you get an offer from one of the platforms, make sure to immediately take off your listing from the other ticket selling app!

My Experience  

My first pair of tickets were for Hayley Williams. They tickets were for general admission at a venue in San Francisco and cost me $135.50 to purchase. I then put a listing onto Stub hub and Vivid seats. I listed them for $100/each. Within the same hour I purchased, I was able to resell. After the 15% fee, my payout was $170. The event was originally scheduled on 5/30/20 but has now been postponed.

If this is something you want to do but need some extra help once things start to normalize, please don’t hesitate in contacting me for help!

They also have a referral program @ $20/person. So if this is something you would like to try in the future please drop my IG handle to them. It’ll help me earn some extra money as well!