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  1. 2 cups of coffee.

Coffee is a must have for me in order to start off my morning. My friend’s house, who I am currently renting out a room from, have a beautiful and nicely sized backyard. I always just go outside and sit in the sun to start off my day. It really helps me set the tone and gets me thinking of the things I want to accomplish. I drink my 1st cup with a little creamer, then the second straight black. By this time, I always have my air pods in and get in a good mood by listening to music or a podcast. Currently, the only podcast I listen to is “The Garyvee Audio Experience.” A lot of his podcasts are fairly long so I try to find the ones that are 15min or shorter. Those tend to be the more motivational. For my music, I listen to my playlist called “Liked Songs.” It has a mixture of genres but it is a playlist I use when I discover new artists I enjoy.

  1. 1-2 hours of reading.

I am on pace to reading a book a week at the moment. 1-2 hours of reading usually lets me read through anywhere from 50-90 pages. I sometimes read a page twice. Not because I forgot, but in order for me to completely take in what I have just read. I also sit outside while reading. I sometimes get accompanied by Luna (my friends dog), who will also sun bathe with me for the time being. The last 2 books I have read were called “The Power of Habit” and “Crush it.” Right now I am reading a book titled, “Crushing It.” This book is also by Gary Vaynerchuk. He has been a huge influence to me about being self-aware of your own happiness. He is very blunt with the topics he talks about and someone who I look up to. Hopefully I have the chance of meeting him someday.

  1. Write my to do list for the day.

After I finish my coffee and reading, I then go to write my to do list for the day. This list can be filled with simple issues like trouble shooting on my blog and podcast. It ensures that everything on my websites are working smoothly and thus no error. It also serves as a reminder for me to either write a blog post or record a podcast episode. This allows for some time off creative thinking every day. I like to try and keep myself accountable, because it makes sure I stay on track. After I accomplish all 3, I usually make breakfast. Then I will tackle my to do list. As of lately, I have been finishing everything around 5pm if I wake up around 9 or 10am. At nights I tend to watch YouTube on topics I am not sure about. Occasionally I still indulge on my Xbox.

I think it is very important to establish a routine every day. Everybody has their preferences, but for me personally this is what I have been doing. It works perfectly and sets the tone that I will get shit done today.

What are 3 things you do in the morning? Leave a comment!