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What is success to me                                                                                      

What is success to me? I think it comes in many forms, however I think it means that I will get to live the life I want. And in order to do that, I need to have patience. This may take years to accomplish, but as long as I enjoy this process, then I have won. For example, this blog is now something I can see myself building long term. If I have never tried something, how can I say whether I’m good at it or not? Or whether I enjoy it or not?

As of now, I don’t want to make tens of millions a year. That is a goal to some, but for me right now I rather keep trying things to see if I will enjoy it. Once I figure that out, I can double down on everything. I eventually will leave my jobs once I can support myself through what I love.

A lot of people want the fancy cars, the mansions, the yachts. I just want to live comfortably and not have to worry about my finances. Where I am able to book a trip whenever I please.  It would be a dream to be able to pack a bag and go to an unvisited location of mine. Technology these days allows one to make your income through your laptop and phone. I wouldn’t have to worry about work, because I will always be bringing it with me.

“But what about dating?” “Or what about marriage?” I am at a point in life where those are the last things on my mind. The right woman will come into my life who understands, but also values the future I am trying to build for myself. Or maybe I will even meet someone who is their own boss as well lol. That would be sick. Constantly traveling and building what we enjoy to do.

I am going to continue to think how everything could go right wholeheartedly. Positive affirmations go a long way. As of now, this is how I picture my success. Monetary value isn’t something I really think about. As time passes, the financial aspect will follow. Just as long as I can travel AND have my property in Huntington.

Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my posts! Also, if you have any questions or suggestions you would like me to write about, leave a comment!

Until next time- Pdawg.