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Entry 8

This is my book recommendation for May. I only started reading books in late February myself. I now have a list of over 20+ books in my amazon cart ready to be read. This book was actually recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine. I think this book brings tremendous value for anyone creating something for themselves, or just to apply in your daily life. It is an easy read and you can easily finish this book in a day if wanted.

The Go-Giver

The Go-Giver focuses on the main character Joe. He continues to struggle with acquiring “clout and leverage” for a big account he wants to land. Joe then finds out about a man who he thinks he can give him that clout and leverage. The man goes by the name of Pindar. Pindar accepts Joe as a mentor when they finally meet. His condition to continue these lessons are that Joe must apply these laws in his own life before the next day. As Joe learns of these 5 laws that are spoken in the book, he becomes a man with numerous connections. He is then able to help people who were just like in his position when learning from Pindar.

The 5 laws

  • Law of Value – Giving more value than what you take in payment measures your worth.
  • Law of Compensation – How many and how well you serve people will measure your income.
  • Law of Influence – Placing others interests first will measure your influence.
  • Law of Authenticity – Always be authentic and offer your true self.
  • Law of Receptivity – Staying open to receiving is the key in giving. It’s a continuous loop.

The way this book works is that after Joe is taught a law, the next chapter is him applying that same law into his life. Then it will move onto the next law and repeat. This book was immediately able to capture my attention since I always try and think of ways to give value to my audience. I like to think of all 5 laws in connection. Without one, everything crumbles. These are the necessary lessons you must always apply in order to get further in your process.

I will link the book down below! It is the kindle edition so you can read it wherever you are. Like I said above, I think The Go-Giver can give value to those who decide to invest in this book! Hope you enjoy my book recommendation for May!

The Go-Giver can be found here: