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Book Recommendation for May

Entry 8 This is my book recommendation for May. I only started reading books in late February myself. I now have a list of over 20+ books in my amazon cart ready to be read. This book was actually recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine. I think this book brings...

My Shortcomings In April

Entry 7             Remember the entry I made in April about my goals? To be honest, I didn’t even finish half of them. I didn’t get my blog views, it stayed the same because I never released my website. Read 2 books instead of 4. I probably only put effort to get my...

How to Resell Tickets

Entry 6 Ticket reselling has been around for quite a while. I had no idea this was a thing people did to supplement their income. It sounded simple so I decided to give it a try. For the short experience I had before COVID-19 took over, I will say this is something...

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